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Steps to Avoid Foreclosure
Facing Foreclosure or Worried you may not be able to afford your mortgage in the future? Its most likely NOT your fault!  Read below for some solutions available to you that you may not have found elsewhere!

Our company offers FREE foreclosure solutions and prevention tips right here on this site.  I've seen countless people have bankruptcy attorney's tell them that their only option is to file bankruptcy and don't let them know about all these other items.  You don't need to pay a high priced attorney to get this information.  Whether you are still current on your mortgage and know you may have some financial hardship, or are already struggling to make your payments, we have several options to try.  Don't accept foreclosure as imminent, there are ways to prevent it, some of them are very little known!

Biggest mistake to make when dealing with the bank. Avoid foreclosure help.First things first!  DO NOT AVOID talking to the bank!  Avoiding letters or calls will NOT help your situation any.  That is one of the worst mistakes made by consumers today.  Letting the bank know you are experiencing some bad circumstances ahead of time HELPS the bank to work with you early on and can provide a better opportunity to work things out. You do NOT necessarily need to be behind in your payments for the bank to consider forbearance or loan modification; but you do need to show proof of a financial hardship that is beyond your control. 

We want you to have some available resources that a bankruptcy attorney may NOT tell  you about. After talking to so many people who opted for bankruptcy, they were sad that their attorney did NOT let them know about these alternatives, so we want to make sure *YOU* are made aware of them!

There are currently so many government programs that are not openly known about that can help in situations of pre-foreclosure.  Foreclosure is a hard thing to face, and it is normal not to know the alternatives available because it isn’t something we face everyday, so it is nothing to feel bad about. Most foreclosures are NOT the consumers fault!
While we hear about loan modifications in the news, there are many other things we don’t hear about,a couple of different modification options and MANY very important resources NOT to overlook in the links provided.

We hope these options will help you overcome your situation in a positive way.  If these options do not work for you, we may be able to come up with another QUICK creative solution to both save your credit from bankruptcy or foreclosure, but we urge you to try the below resources first and come to us after looking at the other alternative available to you. We have made every effort to include all the knowledge we have about overcoming foreclosure, however, there may be other resources out there we are not aware of or that have become available since posting this information. Please do your research for any additional  resources available to you.

Whether you sell your home or not, our goal is for consumers to WIN over the lender's horrible foreclosure tactics. They already make enough money (BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!), they don’t need to take everyone’s homes too!
General Foreclosure Alternative Options
 Click HERE for FREE video about avoiding foreclosure.(Don't forget to return here after watching your video for a LOT of information that will be of help to you!)