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***We also have REPUTABLE, HONEST, and REAL sources for Bulk REO tapes, Non Performing and Performing notes for residential and Commercial, and unlisted (and listed) Commercial properties. 
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(Available to profit and for profit BUYERS through a Special Non Profit opportunity)
YES! This is what you've been looking for!   I am DIRECT to the source coordinating this with the banks!!  Available for several buyers and is a recurring product. 

Also have a GREAT Commercial Bulk product available as well!

*Commercial Properties & Notes*
We have access to commercial properties from apartment buildings, hotels, hospitality, and storage units. 

We also have a great source for unlisted commercial notes, performing and non performing.  Inquire about these special programs today!  Single family notes available as well.

We are direct to banks and other direct sources offering all these products. We choose who we work with carefully so as to bring you, the buyer, an end product that will TRULY close!