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ANY HOME OF OURS YOU SEE  IS AVAILABLE AS A REGULAR  RENTAL; HOWEVER, WE ALSO HAVE ANOTHER PROGRAM FOR YOU TO BUILD EQUITY TO OWN THE PROPERTY-EVEN WITH CHALLENGED CREDIT! We specialize in rent to own, so if your credit isn't so great, but you have steady income, you can still work on securing a home to buy, putting equity into it each month! We even have a low down payment program!

NOW is the BEST time in history to buy the home of your dreams.  Home prices are at record lows.  Why let unfortunate circumstances or events in your life keep you from achieving home ownership for the first time , or once again!  Our goal for you is SUCCESS in becoming a home owner and get out of the rental rat race of paying someone else's mortgage. 

RENTING ISN'T YOUR ONLY OPTION!  We know that with the circumstances in today's economy, many people became victims to the poor loan practices that were common and the housing bubble pop.  But, what if you could still work on putting equity into your home instead of throwing it all away on rent?  YOU CAN, AND ITS PERFECTLY LEGAL!!!   Here's how it works.

Initially, instead of a security deposit, you pay an option fee. This fee is applied DIRECTLY towards the purchase price of the home that you are living in when you have fixed your credit enough to exercise your option to buy.  That way, you are building EQUITY in your home WHILE fixing your credit!  Lease Options, also known as 'RENT TO OWN', are flexible, and often times, a portion of your monthly payment also goes towards the purchase price as well.  You can work on owning your own home even if you've had BANKRUPTCY, FORECLOSURE, or other less severe unfortunate items on your credit.  So, you can put you payments to work on ownership instead of just paying rent.  This is all done WHILE you fix your credit! Don't let bad credit keep you from an opportunity to BUY!  YOU DON'T NEED TO WASTE MONEY ON RENT! You can also view a video about never renting again here.

AND, we want you to be a SUCCESSFUL homeowner, so if you STILL have trouble getting a loan, we may offer you SELLER FINANCING after a certain period of time, so long as steps were taken to fix your credit! OUR GOAL IS TO MAKE DESERVING PEOPLE HOMEOWNERS!  

If you would like to know more, please fill out the interest form below. It is our pledge to keep all your information safe and confidential!
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